Top 10 Ways To Thank Your Call Center Team

Looking for new ways to thank your call center team? Read on!

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It’s no secret that working in a call center is a thankless job. Employees have to deal with customers who are often mad at them before they even pick up the phone. No one likes to have a stranger yell at them, especially for something they had nothing to do with, but that’s exactly what call center employees have to deal with on a daily basis.

For this reason, it can be particularly difficult for employees to keep their cool and provide the excellent customer service you want to be associated with your company. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure you take the time and effort to let your call center employees know they are valued. Paying them fair wages is just the first step to motivating your employees to work their hardest for you and your customers.


Regular paychecks will get your employee to work every day, but money alone is not enough to keep their spirits up throughout a long day of phone calls from frustrated customers, so although paying them well is vital, it’s just the first step.

People respond very well to verbal recognition. A simple “good job” or “you handled that really well” can boost employee morale for hours or even days, but eventually that fades, which is why you have to keep doing it.


This doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time thanking your employees, but you should be sure to recognize each employee’s achievements at least once per day, even if it’s just a pat on the back. Remember your recognition is vital, but its effects diminish with time. If you want consistent results from your call center team, you’re going to have to provide continuous feedback to let them know when they’re doing a good job and what areas you want them to improve on. Doing this consistently is the best way to keep your call center workers motivated every day they come in to work.


It’s not always possible to reward someone as soon as they do something, but taking advantage of the opportunities to do so is a powerful motivator for your employees. Getting recognized for something they did last week is better than never getting recognized for all the hard work they do, but it’s not nearly as effective as thanking them on the spot. The sooner you can follow up good actions with a reward, the more likely you’ll be to get those good actions again.


There’s nothing more frustrating than a supervisor who appears to be biased or inconsistent. When employees don’t know what they should be striving for or when they feel like their goals keep shifting, it ruins morale and performance will plummet. By defining clear goals for your team to achieve, you not only make it easy for your employees to know what you want, you also reduce the chances of any unconscious biases you may have.


Posting these goals all around the office is the best way to make sure everyone is always aware of the results they’re expected to meet. They serve as a constant reminder both to them and to yourself of what’s expected, and any time an employee reaches a goal, they’ll have something tangible they can point to when backing up their claim.

Goals that are easy to define help keep employees motivated, not only when they achieve a goal, but as they get closer to reaching them. They’ll look forward to whatever reward you’ve promised them and that will keep them working hard until they’ve hit the goal and they start aiming for the next one.


You can’t be everywhere and see everything all the time, but your call center employees doubtless know which among them is consistently doing the best job. You can use their knowledge and experience to help you recognize the employees that are doing the best job. Give them opportunities to nominate each other for recognition. This will have the added benefit of boosting morale and teamwork among your employees as they recognize they can learn and get help from their coworkers.


You don’t have to limit your recognition to individual achievements. You can create goals you want the entire call center to achieve, and every time your team achieves one of these goals, you should celebrate as a group. Have a pizza party or bring in candy and/or soda to your next team meeting so they can all reap the benefits of what they achieved together.


The call center manager or supervisor is in the ideal position to thank and reward call center employees for everything they do because that person is most likely to see all the hard work their employees are putting into their jobs every day, but a little recognition from someone higher up can go a long way. Let the district manager, or even the head of the company, know what a great job the call center team is doing and give them a chance to thank the team in person. It will make your call center employees feel like part of a bigger team – not just the call center team, but the team that is formed by all the employees of the entire company.


It’s important to recognize the achievements of your employees when they do well and to correct them when they err, but sometimes employees need a little something to keep them going, even if they haven’t done anything remarkable lately. Keep tokens of appreciation handy (candy, soda, gift cards, etc.) to hand out to employees, even if they look like they’re struggling. An employee going through a rough time for personal reasons might need a little extra motivation to keep them going through the work day and giving them just a small token of your appreciation could be the perfect way to do that.


Sales can be, but are not necessarily, an indication of good service. By all means, recognize the employee who hits all the highest sales numbers, but don’t forget to show your appreciation for the employee providing the best service. It might be someone whose sales numbers are down because they take their time to make sure each customer is satisfied before moving on to the next thing.

There are any number of ways you can show your appreciation for your call center team. We’ve listed just a few here, but the options are limited only by your imagination. Feel free to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to let your call center team know their contribution does not go unnoticed.

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