We are able to handle an unlimited number of TFNs, media placements and campus locations.

  • We can automatically assign each inbound inquiry a lead source, type and geo route the warm transfer by distance, program of interest or both.
  • We can interface with your current LMS and/or administrative system or you can work with our LMS.
  • Tracking has never been more accurate and timely.

We are able to answer calls in seconds.

  • Staffing is based on historical call volume and can be adjusted as TV buys are changed or advertising spending levels are altered.

Our Campaigns are customized to your needs.

  • Warm transfers or appointments set during business hours.
  • Appointments set after business hours.
  • Call answering during your hours of operation or a 24/7 campaign.
  • Warm transfers are three way connections, we never put a prospect on hold.
  • Warm transfers can be directed to the admissions department or receptionist.